Tech Gap Solutions has decades of experience in the traceability trade and has developed a suite of solutions for different sizes of companies.


iKeep is an industrial level traceability system that makes uses RFID and barcodes to let producers know where each of their individual products is in their supply chain in real time. By integrating into the label printers and the logistics systems of production plants, iKbuseep can centralize the information needed to maintain quality controls required by law in the food and beverage industries.

The distinct components that go into production, individual batches, and the individual units of the final products can be traced both up and down the supply chain to suppliers and distributors as well as within the production process itself.

Having been developed for and used by world leading beverage producers for over a decade, iKeep is a mature and stable web based software solution that has already been integrated with many label printers and ERPs.


TRusT lets the final consumer scan a QR code and see exactly when, where, and how the specific product they are looking at was made. Essentially it is an all in one presentation website that also provides farmers with a production management and logistics system.

As a mobile first web application, TRusT allows any farmer with a smartphone and printer to have an EU food safety regulation compatible traceability system. Farmers from a wide range of activities, such as wine making to milk or meat production, now have the opportunity to individually track and label what they produce. By integrating social media into the platform, producers can even see who their final customers are.

Consumers receive more information about where their food came from, who produced it, and how it was produced. The can see a geolocalized indicator of exactly where the farm can be found. Lastly social media permits direct communication and a closer relationship between farmers and consumers.

TRusT +

TRusT + represents Tech Gap Solutions’ ambition to redefine the agricultural food system through the use of technology that will bring farmers and consumers closer through a shared passion for the preservation of nature and traditional practices. Among the technologies being developed are software for food hubs and cooperatives to coordinate the production of multiple small farmers and other novel ways for small farmers to commercialize artisanal produce.

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